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Café de Colombia is the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in the coffee regions of Colombia. It is also the brand that the Colombian coffee growers created to promote their coffees both in the industry and among consumers as a high-quality product, the richest coffee in the world. 100% arabica coffee produced in Colombia requires specific climatic conditions for its production. Although it ́s a product of the tropical zone, its cultivation also requires special soil conditions, temperature, atmospheric precipitation and a certain altitude above sea level. In order to appreciate a cup of Colombian coffee, it is important to know the work and effort of the 540.000 coffee growing families who ensure the quality of the final product for consumers worldwide. They are people with strong entrenched values such as honest work, permanent effort and dedication, a great culture of quality and a close link between family tradition and the modern world; values that are present from the character of Juan Valdez to each inhabitant of the coffee zone and that have played an important role in the dynamism of the region. The vast majorities live on small farms or plots, whose coffee crops, on average, do not exceed two hectares.

It ́s also important to know that the 100% Café de Colombia Program is an alliance between coffee brands from all over the world and Colombian coffee producers. This Program is unique in the world because of its dimension and communication capacity: its members agree to comply with ethical codes of conduct, and respect the origin of Colombian Coffee. Fulfilling these conditions, they use the “Café de Colombia” Logo as a badge and symbol of a community of interests and values: hard work, quality, and effort, willingness to do things well and bring to the market a superior quality product.

Colombia coffee, the richest coffee in the world.

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