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Colombia at the Expo

The rhythm that connects us

to the future


Creative Concept

Architect: Pacheco Architecture Studio

Created using dense vegetation, the Colombia Pavilion is an architectural representation of a diverse, creative, innovative, and modern country in constant evolution, that is also surrounded by a majestic natural environment reflecting the country’s unique heritage.
This site, full of light and transparent design, exposes Colombia’s wealth, our culture, and our people, and will give visitors an unforgettable experience.

Colombia will welcome its visitors to a space measuring close to 2,000 square meters, immersing them in a tour through its six macro-regions. The pavilion will provide partners and sponsors with spaces designed to ensure the success of their events and business meetings, in addition to ten display cabinets to showcase the best in tourism, exports, and investment.

The pavilion will have spaces for:

Exhibition Tour

Visitors center

Showroom and Business Area

Commercial Spaces

Exhibition Tour

The Colombia Pavilion will offer visitors a tour through its six macro-regions. With a vibrant and innovative experience, Colombia will invite visitors to awaken their senses and connect with the rhythm of its culture, business, and tourism.

Each visitor will feel welcome thanks to Colombia’s immense cultural richness, the warmth of its people, its extraordinarily diverse landscapes, tourism attractions, and the indisputable value of all the products and investment opportunities Colombia has to offer.

Experiential Showroom and Visitors center

At the end of the exhibition tour, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about what Colombia has to offer in an experiential showroom that will present our partners’ and sponsors’ projects, products, and services. In addition, there will be a visitors center dedicated to promoting Colombia’s sustainable and biosafe tourism offering.

Business and Events Area

The Colombia Pavilion will have more than 280 square meters distributed across strategic areas to provide partners and sponsors a unique platform to promote their business agendas.

Commercial Spaces

In the four commercial spaces of the Colombia Pavilion, visitors will be able to taste the sweet and intense flavors of our fruits, smell the smooth aroma of the best coffee in the world and enjoy a cacao full of history and flavor.

Then, after their visit they will be able to purchase a Colombian product at the Colombia store.

Discover the colombian offering on the B2B Market place

We invite you to discover the offering of Colombian companies with the capability to export their products and services to the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Equipo Expo

Juan Pablo Cavelier L
General Commissioner

Mauricio Prada M
Deputy Commissioner

Paula Douat C
Pavilion Director

Rocio del Pilar Jimenez B
Chief Administrative Officer

Manuela Uribe
Commercial Director

Natalia Cortés G
Director of Communications – Media liaison officer

Juan Hernán Pérez G
Administrative Consultant

Alejandro Uribe H
Operational and Logistics Advisor

Discover Colombia

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